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Super Junior M,Super Junior,Zhou Mi

(I love this photo of Mi. He looks so smiley and happy, as;dlkfjsldfj *squishes*)

This fan account is really adorable. Zhou Mi is growing on me so much these days that it’s kind of scaring me. Boy, why do you make me feel this way? *___*

Translator note:

the ones in >> () brackets are MY NOTES.
the ones in >> [] square brackets are the fan’s
and these>> – – dashes, are expressions written by the fan

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Omg, these boys knew Stevie Hoang remade ‘Why did I fall in love with you’ (lmao, everytime I type Stevie, I almost always immediately type ‘Wonder’ xD)?? That is so epic! Here’s a comment the boys left on his website.


“We feel a little different taste in this song being compared to Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?”

This is STEVIE HOANG’s ver, while the other is Tohoshinki’s ver.  There’s a different approach to the song.

Also, the great powerful attractive solo vocal which is also transmitted, that has completed everything.

In Tohoshinki ver. this song is sung by 5 people. From a view of immature person.

The song fits Hoang’s voice.

There’s a reverse charm in it that will touch your heart.”


credit: xiahyu-ri
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Asd;lfkjsa;ldfkj; boys you are so sweet *___*. I hope fans will enjoy Stevie’s remake of the song and not try and compare it (read: say it sucks and that DBSK is so much better) with DBSK’s version.

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Does anyone know anything about Stevie Hoang? I’ve read that he’s a youtube user turned real singer and would you look at that, a remake of ‘Why did I fall in love with you’. My friend sent me this link and honestly, I think it’s a nice try. Maybe it’s because I absolutely love the original song, but I really think the remake isn’t too bad. I like how Stevie changed parts of it to give the song he’s own style.

His voice does sound a bit too nasally and I don’t think he has as high of a voice range as some of the members of DBSK. Still, I reckon he’s given the song a good try.

EDIT: Here’s some info about Stevie :D

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Super Junior,Super Junior M

There are so many of them *__________*. So I still haven’t got the time to watch the video but have the time to upload this whole bunch of photos >___> and omgsh, I love it. There’s also the English transcript of the interview if you’re interested.

As;dlfkjasl I especially love the ones of the boys with the ‘Super Girls’ ♥♥♥♥. Too cute!

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Super Junior M,Super Junior

OMG. THE BOYS ARE TOTAL DORKS. Classic SJ adorkableness, with a touch of SJM’s cheesy Chinese lines XDDD.

Wow, Kyu has improved the most with his Chinese?! Must watch this soon *-*. I would have thought it’d be Hae, what with him always randomly spurting Chinese. And LOL at Ryeowook’s “kyungpao chicken” line XDD. Gahh, just read. It’s quite lengthy, but it’s so worth it ♥.

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Super Junior M,SJM

A;SLDKJFAS;LDKJFA;LSKDFJA;LSDKJF!!!!! HOW HOT IS THAT??!!!!!! I’m still not really a fan of Ryeowook’s hair here – he looks sooo much better with straight hair but omg THE BOYS. THEY LOOK AMAZING *_______*. Can you just feel that kingly aura Siwon is emitting? Guhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥. Mi looks kind of like Hyuk there, y/y? I reckon it’s the hair XD. I love Kyu’s pose. It’s such a handsome pose :D. Lol, idk really. I just like it.

Damn, they look so gorgeous. I want my mini album nao~

Lol, hiatus? What hiatus? >______>

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