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I say tentative because whenever I say things, it’s usually the opposite which occurs. Hence by saying I’m going on a hiatus, it’ll probably mean I’m not going on one :/. And so by saying it’s a tentative hiatus, I hope it turns out to be a definite one. Do I even make sense?

Anyway, Uni work is becoming too much of a burden for me right now. I’m actually currently on mid-sem break yet I’m still sunk deep in a huge pile of assignments, two of which are due in my supposed break. It’s insane, but it’s life. I haven’t even had the time to watch SJM’s Sohu interview nor SSII in HK fancams ;__; /whine. There are sacrifices which have to be made, and unfortunately, fandom is one. So until I can finally re-surface from my pile of assignments and grab a breath of fresh air, it’ll be bye bye to spazzing.

Edit: This ‘hiatus’ starts whenever I feel I should stop procrastinating


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