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Where faily, cheesy Cantonese ensues~ :DDD

Footage of some of the boys leaving HK airport. The narrator guy talks a bit about Kangin’s ‘pub fight’ incident, but we all aren’t sure of what really went on, so I shan’t go on about it. Basically, Leeteuk and Kangin aren’t present at the press conference (Leeteuk due to schedule issues) and Kibum…he won’t be attending the Super Show ‘cos of his injury. (Shan’t go on about that either :///.)

The highlight of the video, of course, is SJ members speaking in CANTONESE XDDD. Especially Kyu OMG. HE, HE IS SO, SO CHEESY. BUT GAH, WHY SO ADORABLE??? QBB proudly declares that “you are my precious baby”, yes, his favourite line in Mandarin XDD, ni shi wo de xin gang bao bei~ in Cantonese. Just recycle your lines, why don’t you Kyu :D. DID YOU SEE SIWON’S REACTION?!!?! CLASSIC! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Cringing at the total cheesiness of the line XD. Loved Siwon’s failiy Cantonese as well, “HK boys are really handsome. HK girls are really pretty” ♥. You’re pretty greasy yourself, Siwonnie ;D.

Credit: storpelly

Another video of the boys at the press conference – We hear Ryeowook and Yesung speaking here, but I don’t understand what they’re saying ^^;;;;. I think they’re saying the same thing? /fail


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