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IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL *___*! Honestly, Chun’s voice isn’t my favourite of the group, but the boys’ voices just blend so well together; the song is love ♥. I really can’t wait till the mv is released for this song. I can just picture it – pretty boys standing around looking totally gorgeous…gahhh. MV hurry and be released already!

Credit: jh20121


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f(x)’s debut stage on Music Core

Asd;flksdjf;lakjds;lfk, that was such an awesome performance! Did you see Victoria’s flip?! *O* And Amber’s rap! ♥

Gosh, the girls were just too good. And they have such a strong fan base supporting them already. SM sure knows how to garner one’s attention. I remember watching DBSK’s debut and it was just…quiet XDD. Krystal is soooo pretty ♥__♥. I swear she looks just like Yoona, but has Jessica’s voice <3. Gah, I’m loving these girls more and more *-*.

Credit: SmoothyEco1st

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f(x)’s showcase – Amber’s solo

Ok, I take back everything (which seemed negative) I said in my previous post about f(x). I mean, what was I thinking?! Of course I’ll like them. Afterall, I love all things SM related, although it may take some time.

JUST LOOK AT THE GIRL RAP! *O* Tomboys are love in my world. Amber, YOU’RE LOVE. She looks a little tense and anxious, but I think she did wonderfully for a first (solo!) stage performance.

Credit: madebypink

Can’t wait to see their debut on MC tonight! :D

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Zoom-in Pinky CF

Oh Yunho, you made me laugh too much XDDDD. Check out this hilarious preview of a Japanese CF the boys have filmed.

Credit: chamina0218

I think the only person who would have made things even more cracky is Junsu XD. Love that boy and his random failyness~

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