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Teukie seems happier <3

I don’t  care that I’m spamming with SJ stuff ;D.  I just read Teuk’s most recent cyworld entry and a;ldkjfj he’s actually sounding happier! ♥♥♥

..I love you!!..
2009.08.13 02:31


..I love you!!!!……….

..I want to yell that out to only one person..

..To you…

..But who is “you”?….Whew…..There is no one..

..Yunho, I love you.. Changmin, I love you.. Junsu, I love you..

..Jaejoong, I love you.. Yoochun, I love you..

..Donghae, I love you.. Hyukjae, I love you.. Siwon, I love you..

..Ryeowook, I love you.. Kyuhyun, I love you..

..Donghee, I love you.. Jongwoon, I love you.. Hangkyung, I love you..

..Heechul, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..Youngwoon, I love you.. Sungmin, I love you..

..Minho, I love you.. Jonghyun, I love you.. Onew, I love you..

..Taemin, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..There’s many of you.. so many.. all my dongsaengs.. ^^ I love you guys…. ah, there are friends too ㅋㅋ..

..But besides guys…tacky…tacky..ㅋㅋㅋ they need a little bit of luxury to them…

..SNSD?…… SNSD, I love you!!!♥ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

…..I don’t think they’re luxurious either.. They’re like guys too…ㅡㅡ;;;

..Damn.. is there anyone out there?????????????????????????????

Source; Leeteuk’s Cy
Credit; vanilla.teaa@ SJ-WORLD.net

LEADER-SSHII!!!!! *______* He’s so sweet ♥. Onew’s name was the only one typed in English xD. And rofl at his comment about SNSD. SM family truly is close to one another <3. But Teuk sounds so lonely ;~;. He really needs a girlfriend like, right now.


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And this is why I love SuJu so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. The fact that the members are so close to each other, they just rock my world too much *__*.

Recently, with the issue between DBSG members and SM about sharing the income, Super Junior’s below story will bring a warm feeling to you.

On the show MBC Every1 “Now it’s time of handsome guys” which was aired on August 11th, MC Park Myungsoo had asked Super Junior’s members Donghae & Sungmin, who attended that epsidoe, about the profit sharing among SJ members.

Park Myungsoo said “Super Junior has 13 members, the member who has more activities will earn more, right ? So do you guys have any difficulty with it, and how do you do about it ?”

Super Junior Donghae said “Although money is quite a sensitive topic, but we share the money with the members who earn less” and “(so that) they can use in case of necessity” which brought a warm feeling to the filming studio. Park Myungsoo said “it’s such a good example” and praise the strong friendship among Super Junior members.

Netizens also show good response toward this “It’s such a good example about teamate” and “While (everybody) continue to care about money, I feel relieved (after knowing this)”

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

A;sdlkfjdslk;f SUJU <33333. Their bond with each other is just so deep; they’re such true brothers *_____*.

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This boy doesn’t post much, so I’m just going all a;sldkfjasd;lkfja;sldkfj over the fact that he posted a photo entry :DDDDD. LOVE  HIS PURPLE SHIRT ♥. Fave member + fave colour….ilusm much Ryeowookie <3.

i’m your super ryeok~~!!!^^
09.08.12 23:09

Super Junior,Ryeowook


Source: fill me in ryeowook, carolyn@SJ-World.net

Lmao, Wookie *____*. He wrote the title in English too. You’re so much love, you know? ♥♥

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