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Sukira,Super Junior,Eunhyuk,Leeteuk

Asd;kalfjdajs;ldkjf! EunTeuk continue with their anecdotes and spilling secrets left, right and centre ♥.

Wook pranks Hyuk with a toy poop, lying that Heebum had visited and left behind a smelly present XD. He then proceeds to throw the bag of ‘poop’ onto Hyuk’s bed LMAO. I’d love to see the expression on Huk’s face when Ryeowook flung the bag onto his bed XDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;.

And. Yesung has gotta be the biggest dork alive ♥♥♥. He was planning on visiting the optometrist, but instead landed himself in an OB-GYN, a place women visit. He’s such a fail sometimes ^^;;.

SuJu is too much crack ♥.

For more anecdotes, click here. You know you want to >:D.


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