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Junho’s performance begins at 5:50. I’m assuming this is his debut song ‘I love you’, since he sings ‘saranghae’ and ‘wo ai ni’. I know, what an intelligent person I am ;___;.

Considering this was back in May (or is it June? Omgsh, I still get confused with the whole yy/dd/mm or yy/mm/dd thing .___.), I’m hoping his Chinese has improved a fair bit since then or will be pretty polished by his debut date. He’s not bad, but if he’s going to be concentrating on the Chinese market, I think he’s got to sound a bit more fluent; at least when singing anyway. From what I can hear, he’s got quite an accent ^^”.

Credit: 23kwon

Lols forever at the man at 6:54 XDDD;;;;;;. He looked totally bored out of his mind whilst the girls next to him are all :DDDDD at Junho. Lmao, he looks like he’s playing a Nintendo DS/PSP/any other portable gaming device. Not his sorta scene, I suppose xP.


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A;dslkjfas;ldkjf! And he’s going to be singing in CHINESE ♥. I hope his Chinese lessons have paid off ^^.

When Kim Junsu’s twin, Kim Junho, made his debut in 2009, it aroused a lot of interest. Kim Junho’s company expressed recently, Junho’s first musical work “I Love You” will be introduced to everyone by the end of August (latest September). Within the single, both the Korean and Chinese version of “I Love You” is recorded, and the lyrics for the Korean version were personally written by his brother, Kim Junsu.

Also, because of the special nature of the single, this single will not be released at music stores, it’s just a gift from Junho to his fans.

Single introduction:
“I Love You” is a gentle ballad with a beautiful melody. It is moving and touching, and the lyrics also portray a deep love you feel for a lover. Together with Junho’s heartfelt singing, this is a single that is worth collecting.

Source: [mrtvxq]
translated by mandasoh @ iscreamshinki

Junsu’s lyrics *-*. I can’t wait to hear this song. Is there any possibility of the twins performing a duet? That would make such a fabulous stage ♥___♥.

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I’m sorry if you’re sick of reading anything to do with Super Junior and their Super Show for that matter, but really, MY BIAS FOREVER *_________*.

Credit: pwincesz02

All this ‘previewing’ of the concert just makes me want the DVD to come out sooner even more. BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT ALL THE EUNHAE INVOLVED ♥___♥!! What with Hyuk slapping Hae’s butt and holding hands and whatnot…♥♥♥♥♥. And the Gee/Superman/dressing up as animals crack! I think the boys also performed remixes of ‘Miracle’ and ‘Dancing Out’..? It’s awesome sauce :D. SM, DVD nao plz.

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