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LMAO Heechul *__*! He’s such a random dork; I swear his story makes no sense XD.

Watch the video~ A born entertainer, I tell you ♥.

A long long time ago, there was CatHeechul, whom though he looked very cute but his character wasn’t great. He really looked very very very handsome.
“Yah! Really handsome, really handsome!”
One day the fluctuating CatHeechul was suddenly fidgety.
“Ah~ It’s boring! Is there nothing to do?”
CatHeechul suddenly wanted to bring DragonHankyung & FishDonghae for an adventure.
So Fishy said, “Where are we going! Where are we going!”
DragonHankyung wasn’t happy at all, “I’m too tired! Go yourself! Silly!”
Then, PiggyDongdong suddenly appeared, snatching a poisoned apple to eat.
“Oh! Hyung! This is too great!” Saying this Dongdong opened a bottle of drink.
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It has a fair bit of footage from Super Show II ♥. I still haven’t watched all the fancams out there (since I want to be pleasantly surprised if when the DVD comes out :D) so this video showed quite a lot of goodies to look forward to.

Credit: pr13ansj

Omg, Min in sunnies is too good *-*. And Siwon looks fab with the top hat ♥.

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Lo behold, FANSERVICE ♥_____♥. This is an old radio transcript, but my do these boys know how to fanservice XD.

Teuk: May I have your phone number?
Dong Hae: Maybe it is impolite in our first meet. But I love you.
The all members: ah~hahahahaha
Kang In: [He shouted angrily.] What?!
Teuk: I love you.
Kang In: Let me act. Let me act. Let me act with Teukie.
Teuk: Ok!
Kang In: The story is that I have coffee alone, Teukie is a girl, I like you and I go to accost you. [Then he started to act.]
Teuk[ He began to act a girl.]: Yes?
Kang In: Do you mind if I sit down?
Teuk: Who are you?
Kang In: I just now sat towards you.
Teuk: Oh.
Kang In: I want to talk to you.
Teuk: You can sit down if you pay for the coffee.
Kang In: I will pay.
Teuk: Ok, you can sit down.
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Last year it was DBSK, this year it’s SuJu’s turn ^^. Any chance of the boys performing the R&B version of ‘Sorry Sorry’?

At 6.00PM on September 19th, “2009 Asia song festival” will take place at Seoul World Cup stadium with singers from Japan, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea….

Korea : Super Junior, SNSD
Japan : Gackt, Mihimaru GT
China : Li Yuchun (Chris Lee)
Taiwan : Alan Lou
Hongkong : Leon Lai
Thailand : K-Otic
Vietnam : Hồ Ngọc Hà
Indonesia : Agnes Monica
Ukraine : Ruslana (No.1 Eurovision 2004)

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

I can’t believe it’s almost a year already since the last Asia Song Festival .___.

(Funny how SMEntertainment represents Korea…XD)

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KyuHae *-*. The boys have filmed a CF for ‘Happy Bath Face Cream’. I hope there’ll be lots of applying cream on each other ♥__♥.
Kyuhyun,Donghae,Super Junior Kyuhyun,Donghae,Super Junior

I wonder who the lady is. To have a chance to work with KyuHae…I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s just that tiny bit jealous xD.

Kyuhyun,Donghae,Super Junior

Credit as tagged.

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Yunho to star in a drama

Asd;lfkjasd;klfjasd;lkfj! Read article here.

Leader’s going to be acting as an aspiring soccer player ^^. (Although when I heard it was going to be a soccer player character, I immediately thought the role was perfect for Junsu :)). I hope the rest of the DongBang boys will make some sort of cameo role in the drama ♥. And wow, airing on September 9th!? That’s pretty soon ^^.

I will definitely be on the lookout for this drama. I’m still waiting rather impatiently for Jae’s ‘Heaven’s Postman’ to air ;__;.

Now I feel like rewatching their Banjun dramas :D.

First JJ, now Leader. I wonder who’s going to be next? Changmin please ♥___♥.

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