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Hyuk is spilling the beans XDDDD.

– SD & EH said Sungmin treat boys & girls diffirently. Min himself has the nickname “mini mini strategy” * among them because he talked ordinarily with his same sex friends but he will be 100% aegyo if they’re girls. EH said now everybody know this truth so Sungmin even treat boys & girls diffirently when he’s on broadcasting. SD & EH also said Heechul is the one who treat everybody the same.

– Eunhyuk said he cant eat raw food.

– EH said Shiwon is the member he want to introduce to his sister because Shiwon is rich, his manner is good and he is a gentlement so his sister will have a good life. Kangin is the member EH doesnt want to introduce to his sister because he drink too much and his sister will have a bad life if she has a bf like Kangin.

– SD said everybody think that he is the one who eat most in SJ, but actually it’s Eunhyuk.

– SD & EH said Leeteuk likes dancing according to his own feeling so although it’s same at the beginning, it’ll be different after then. Also, the two said Kangin is the one who cant remember the dance step most and he always asked the others “Please do it once more time” when they practiced the dance and it’s quite hard for them to finish it.

– SD said his height is 177,7cm but it’s 178cm in the profile.

* when you call “Minnie ” (민이), it’ll sound like “Mini” (미니)

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

I seriously wouldn’t mind Min acting all aeygo in front of me. I’d probably die from all his cuteness ^^. And omg, love what Hyukjae said about Siwon and Kangin xD. He’s such a sweetie to his sister ♥.


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