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The BTS of this CF finally makes sense! ;DD

Am rofling at Kangin and Yesung’s face at 0.13 XDDD;;;;;. And Heechul! I can just imagine him having a fail conversation with the two foreigners ^^;;. It took me a few watches to see this, but Yesung’s full ‘hip hip hurray’ at 0.09….in the background XDDDDDDD.

Credit: chateuki


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I’ve been living under a rock or something; how can I have never seen these photos?! I stalk SJ news related sites all the time o___o.

This is a really, really sweet photo of the trio ♥____♥.

Siwon,Donghae,Super Junior

Super Junior,DBSK,Donghae,Siwon Siwon,Donghae,Super Junior Super Junior,Donghae,Siwon

Credit: SJFantasy

Such lovely photos of the boys and Ariel Lin. I’d love to see more SJ + Ariel Lin collaborations ^^.

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Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior

Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior Super Junior,Ryeowook,Siwon,Hankyung

Credit as tagged.

A bit miffed at the apparent PSed look of the photos, but the HanWook heart has me going all oogly eyed XDDD. The SiHan one is too cute ^^.

I love Ryeowook in glasses ♥.

PS. Omgsh SuShow II is on tonight! ♥♥♥♥♥ Fancams come my way! ;DD

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FT Island; I hope mv

I’m on a ‘catching-up-on-recently-released-mvs’ roll xD.

Credit: CJWTown

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of FT Island. Their old songs are ok, but I guess I’m not a rock ballad type person. That being said, I’m really enjoying their more pop-y and joyful song. This mv is just awesome – the mini-FT Islanders have pulled me in xD. The kids are so cute ♥! And the idea of going back in time, although a bit cliched, was rather cool still ^^”. Lol, do I even make sense?

After this mv, I’m looking forward to seeing more of FT Island’s new songs :).

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2NE1; I don’t care mv

I know, I know, I’m ultra slow at posting this up.

Credit: YG21Subs

I really, really like this mv ♥. The mv, plus the song, is 10x better than ‘Fire’, imo. Not that I dislike ‘Fire’. I’m quite addicted to the song actually. But I love how we’re able to hear the girls sing in this song. A bonus, y/y? xD And the lyrics are pretty good too.

This song is going to be on repeat on my itunes for quite a while…^^”.

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