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Can’t really see Ryeowook playing this sort of prank xD. He seems too cute and innocent to do these sorts of things. But of course, EunTeuk spill the beans and reveals the playful side of our eternal magnae ♥.

090630 Playful Ryeowook

Leeteuk: Oh right, there is an interesting thing that happened. A couple of days ago, your parents went to your dormitory right? Ryeowook wanted to play a prank on the managers…
Eunhyuk: Yes, yes, I remember.
Leeteuk: Ryeowook ran up to the 12th level and said to the managers, “Hyung! Eunhyuk hyung went crazy! He brought a woman to the dormitory!” The managers got a shock and dashed down to the 11th level. Upon reaching your storey, they saw a pair of woman’s footwear when they opened the door. The managers then had a meeting, and the whole time while they were fretting, they kepting hearing a woman’s voice coming from your room. The few of them worried for quite a while, until they saw your parents in the room…
Eunhyuk: They saw (my parents) from the gap at the door, and then bowed after seeing them… Ha, Ryeowook is too playful.

Cr: Kimseohye
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net

{There are also other parts of Sukira translated, but I just took out the part about Ryeowook.}

He’s such a cutie, Y/Y? ^^ It just seems so un-Ryeowook like, lying about Hyuk having a woman in his room. I wonder what the managers said to him afterwards.. XDD.


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