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::EDIT 2:: Updated with a higher quality and English subbed mv ^^. Now that I understand what the boys were saying at the end, I can’t help feeling sorry for Siwon ;__;. Poor Wonnie~

::EDIT:: I can’t believe I didn’t hear this the first time; Ariel sings a bit of ‘Sorry Sorry’ after Hae asks her why she doesn’t sing. Hae, I’m falling more and more in love with you <3.

Hae speaks in Mandarin! Boy is so lovely for always trying to speak it, practicing it, learning new words; gahh, Fishy, you’re awesome ♥. I love how he sang ‘Love U More’ to Ariel ^^. Hae seems to make a wonderful boyfriend :).

The mv has such a pretty story. Hae is Ariel’s boyfriend, and meets up with Siwon (who I think stays with them?) and realises that Hae’s gf is his ex. But. It all ends happily, ‘cos there’s none of that ‘I still miss you, will you get back together with me’ jazz. I hate those types of love triangles. Unless the couples look really good together xD.

I find it funny  how the mv alternates between the boys talking in Korean and Hae speaking in Mando to Ariel ^-^.

Credit: ilovekidoya


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