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Honestly, the mv isn’t all that interesting, but Kyu’s voice is so much love ♥. It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside, and I don’t care if that’s cliched or whatever. Kyu’s voice…mmmm, it’ll melt any cold hearted person <3.

Credit: Sup3rJunior

P.s. Happy birthday to Teukie ♥♥. Take a look at Fishy’s love for his hyung. Gosh, these boys are adorable ♥__♥. I hope he’s feeling less stressed and happier :/. The rest of the members must do something for their leader! :D


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Another reason to add to my growing list of ‘Reasons why I love HanChul’.


For some reason, I find Heechul’s shoulders super broad here o___o. BUT. That accents on his manliness, right? This boy – I have such mixed feelings for him. He’s so witty and random, but sometimes, his actions are just too weird and out there. The boys look super happy here. I wonder what Heechul’s pointing at.

Hahaha, I just realised, you catch a glimpse of !lostHyukkie and a bit of :DDD/Sungmin ^^.

Is anyone able to clarify when this is from? I’m assuming that it’s either the boys arriving at Taiwan or leaving (leaning more to the leaving side, since Hyuk is all ;_;).

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