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It’s been announced that ‘Heaven’s Postman’ will air sometime this month :). Can’t wait!

Oh Jaejoong *_____*. How can he be so good looking?! SO SMEXY IN THE CAR. And glasses 8D.


Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK Heaven's Postman BTS Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK



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Gosh, these roomies are just… XD. Min is so proud that he drank with Kyu ♥♥.

Sungmin's Cyworld

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Remember the hugging event? Here are some photos of the boys hugging their fans ^^. Poor Teuk, he looks like he’s being attacked in the first couple of photos xD. I love the last one with the little boy. AND, there’s a man buying bread inside the shop taking a photo XDD.

Super Junior,Leeteuk

Super Junior,Leeteuk Super Junior,Sungmin Leeteuk,Shindong,Sungmin,Super Junior Shindong,Leeteuk,Sungmin,Super Junior 

Photo credit as tagged.

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A little DBSJ love

You know, I really love it when fandoms collide :). Kangin was at Yoochun’s ‘Timeout Gelato’ shop, on the 24th, apparently. I’m not 100% sure of the date. I love the photo of him with his finger over his lips, shushing the fangirls XD. It must have been really noisy in the shop when he was there ;D.

Super Junior,Kangin,Yoochun,DBSK

Super Junior,Kangin,Yoochun,DBSK

Credit: 4yusoo@baidu

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Rofl, he can’t contain himself at all. Even Hyuk is able to keep his laughter…to a minimum, at least XD. The uploader of the video explains why Teukie is cracking up so much:

he falls again at 1:09………. for this quiz section they called out to this listener who is a teacher. ahem, but she gets all the answers wrong. XD

So while Hyuk is reassuring the teacher, Teuk is falling off his seat and laughing his head off. SUCH A DORK.

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This is mostly due to BOF being broadcasted on GTV at the moment. But that’s not what really caught my attention. The fact that the boys will be having a fanmeeting in HK on July 1st…JEALOUSSSSSSSS T_____T. They go to Taiwan as well, but since there’s no chance of me going there anytime soon, I’ll just let that pass XD.

Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is currently being broadcasted on GTV, and after the announcement that main leads, Lee MinHo and Goo HyeSun will be coming to Taiwan for promotional activities on 3-June, Kim HyunJoong who acts as Yoon JiHoo in the drama will also visit Taiwan with his group, SS501 on 26-June for 4 days, and will hold a fan meeting at Taiwan International Convention Centre on 28-June at 7pm.

SS501 has gathered attention as they sang for F4 Yoon JiHoo’s theme song ‘Because I am Stupid’, and there has been rumors that SS501 will also perform in the Golden Melody Awards held on 27-June. However, the joint organizer AzioTV says that they did not send the invitation, and indicates that they knew that SS501 would be here for an activity, and so would not consider them since they are not here especially for the awards show.

Kim HyunJoong getting all the popularity through ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will lead SS501 to do a series of promotional activities in Asia. Their handshake session held in Tokyo on 17-May gathered 7,000 fans and they will also head over to Hong Kong for a fan meeting on 1-July. Organised by Brokers Brothers Herald, the highest priced ticket for the Taiwan fan meeting is NTD 3,800. This fan meeting is also the critical consideration that SS501 couldn’t attend the Golden Melody Awards. AzioTV frankly revealed that overseas guests for Golden Melody Awards had always had their other activities after the awards ceremony and that their other activities cannot be involved with monetary terms. This terms and conditions cannot be changed and they had not made any request for invitation through Warner music.

Credits : Chinatimes + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Why do these things always happen to me? ;~;

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