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Okay, I am ultra slow at these things x__X. BUT OMG WHY SO CUTE SUJU??!!?!?!!

Teukie makes a mistake at the beginning of the performance, and during the rest of the video, you can see the SJ members smiling or trying not to laugh LOOOL. Honestly, I don’t find Teuk’s mistake that funny, but the members’ reactions to it are sooooo lol-worthy XD.

Take a look at Teuk’s mistake:

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Teuk is “So Hot”

Why have I not seen this gif before?! ROFL, look at his facial expression ♥♥♥ . I guess Heechul isn’t the only WG fan in Super Junior.

Leeteuk,Super Junior

A post dedicated solely to Teuk’s ‘So Hot’ dance *__*.

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The boys are so excited <3333.

Credit: Sup3rJunior

Feeling lazy and I should really be doing work, so I’ll be bullet pointing.

♦ Kyu bows a bit lower than the other boys XD.
♦ Hyuk does some weird mini dance right after the greeting. That dork ^^.
♦ I love seeing the boys in casual clothing. It seems to reflect more of their personal style.
♦ Gosh, HanShinMin HOLDING HANDS *___*!
♦ Yesung is such a camerawhore. He’s blocking up the other members, so Sungmin just walks right in front of the camera xD. I think it’s Hyuk who ducks under, and KyuWook walk behind. Lol, Kyu looked so lost, not knowing where to walk ♥♥.
♦ I feel a bit sorry for ZLY :/. She seemed to be only hanging around the back.
♦ They had a random SJM clip in the middle, but no mention of the subgroup by the narrator >.<;;.
♦ Haha, I love Wook’s “Jackie Chan” at the end of the clip. SO CUTE ♥♥♥.
♦ Rofl, Kyu seems so happy to be with the rest of the members in China. Doing random things like his deep bow at the end…adorable!♥

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