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The Double S boys are on some show and revealing Yongsaeng’s deep, dark secret XDD;;;.

Basically, we have Leader dropping the bombshell to all fangirls that Yongsaeng likes Taeyeon from SNSD. And then YS gets all embarrassed and starts fanning himself xD. Leader goes on to reveal YS has ‘Kissing You’ as a ringtone, and Yongsaeng is quick to add that Leader has that as a ringtone as well ^^. Kyujong and Hyungjoon are too busy cracking up to add anything lol.

Credit: iiluvss501

I’m not sure of when this was filmed, but for some reason, Jungmin couldn’t make it to the filming..? Well, it must be before SNSD’s ‘Gee’ promotions; ‘Kissing You’… XD.


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SS501; fanmeeting in HK details

EDIT: Go HERE for the details.

Here are some details regarding their fanmeet in Hong Kong. As the following info says, it’s for overseas people. And I don’t think the details are all confirmed yet. But if this is going to be anything like what the official announcement will be like, then…WOW.

SS501 HongKong Fan Meeting on 01-July, Details and Bulk Purchase (For overseas)


Method and details of application for overseas fans

Considering that the numbers of overseas fans are big, we have included the method and details of application below.
Please make sure that you can remit the money to us before replying your application.

Details :
Date : 2009.07.01 (Wed)
Venue : Kowloon Trade and Exhibition Centre (as this venue is still under construction, please watch out for official announcement)
Time : 2pm~3pm (about 2 hours) (I dont know why it says it’s 2 hrs though..)
Activities : Singing gathering (Mini concert?)
SS501 will sing 6 songs during this fan meeting, and also includes talk time, playing games with fans, and SS501 will prepare some gifts for fans.

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It’s been announced that ‘Heaven’s Postman’ will air sometime this month :). Can’t wait!

Oh Jaejoong *_____*. How can he be so good looking?! SO SMEXY IN THE CAR. And glasses 8D.


Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK Heaven's Postman BTS Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK


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