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Gosh, these roomies are just… XD. Min is so proud that he drank with Kyu ♥♥.

Sungmin's Cyworld

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Remember the hugging event? Here are some photos of the boys hugging their fans ^^. Poor Teuk, he looks like he’s being attacked in the first couple of photos xD. I love the last one with the little boy. AND, there’s a man buying bread inside the shop taking a photo XDD.

Super Junior,Leeteuk

Super Junior,Leeteuk Super Junior,Sungmin Leeteuk,Shindong,Sungmin,Super Junior Shindong,Leeteuk,Sungmin,Super Junior 

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A little DBSJ love

You know, I really love it when fandoms collide :). Kangin was at Yoochun’s ‘Timeout Gelato’ shop, on the 24th, apparently. I’m not 100% sure of the date. I love the photo of him with his finger over his lips, shushing the fangirls XD. It must have been really noisy in the shop when he was there ;D.

Super Junior,Kangin,Yoochun,DBSK

Super Junior,Kangin,Yoochun,DBSK

Credit: 4yusoo@baidu

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