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A Sungmin focused fancam of the boys performing ‘It’s You’. As;dlfkjas;dlkfj, I still can’t get over Sungmin cutting his hair T_______T. His shorter hair makes him look manlier, but still~~gahhhh, I liked his long fringe!

Credit: EuNteUk

Some photos behind the cut :).

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Bigeast Extra Movie

DBSK hilarity ensues *____*. I think these are some BTS + punishments of the boys’ fanmeet with Bigeast some time ago; they had only just released their ‘Bolero’ single at the time.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

Some highlights:

♦ Changmin ‘bullying’ Junsu xD.
♦ ‘English time’ for Junsu. LOTSA LOVE FOR CHANGMIN IMATATING JUNSU OMG. These two are just…*shakes head*. ♥♥♥
♦ Yoochun pretending to be sick (he is pretending, right?).
♦ The boys pretending to be new born horses. LOL yeah, you read that right XDDDDD. My gosh, Junsu cracked me up with his “push harder” line ♥♥.
♦ YooSu speaking with ‘baby’ voices <33. The rest of the boys join in later on and LOOOOOL, Yunho is Junsu’s girlfriend. Jaejoong leaves, BUT THEN he’s pulled back in to be Yunho’s boyfriend. YunJae!♥ Seriously, these boys are too random and sure know how to provide fanservice ^^.
♦ Jaejoong bullying Changmin. And then we have Min yelling for Junsu as “you’re excellency” :DDD.
♦ We had Jae randomly introducing food and when he says ‘honey’, Yunho appears 8D;; IAMNOTREADINGTOOMUCHINTOTHAT.
♦ The boys torturing punishing Yoochun and Jaejoong by blowing into their ears ♥.

Ahhh, Dong Bang love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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