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DBSK’s ‘Stand By You’

I’ve been totally neglecting this fandom T___T. I can’t even keep up with all their concert photos anymore. Has this song even been released yet? All I know is that it has been played on the radio. And…I actually like it :D! A nice soothing-ballady song. I miss DBSK :/. 

Credit: whisperpuppies

Gosh, I don’t know what I should do. I think I’ve just been sucked into fandom-fanfics D:. I’ve told myself many times I wouldn’t be…but gosh, this fanfic is just too good not to share! LOVE THE JUNSU CRAZINESS <3!

Smj ft. DBSK

That’s actually my second fanfic ^^”. The first one I read was called ‘Ping Pong Boy’, I think. Which is another realllyyyyyy good fanfic :DD. I don’t think the writer used any real K-celebs, but the story’s quite good too. I just can’t seem to find the link anymore :/. It’s somewhere on soompi though.


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