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2NE1 debut stage on Inkigayo

Ok, this song is realllllllyyyyyyyy catchy.

I don’t like how most of the song seems to be lipsynced in the performance. Yes, I know there was parts of the song which wasn’t lipsynched, but I was actually rather looking forward to hearing the girls sing LIVE. Then again, I guesss it is their debut stage afterall…hopefully we’ll be able to hear more parts of the song being sung live ^^. I loved the whole elevator thing in the beginning; YG is definitely put a lot of effort into making 2NE1’s debut a memorable event.

Credit: YoDubu1


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OMG BRAIN IMPLOSION. ADS;LKFJLAS;KDJFA;LKDJ WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD?!!?! *____* ILOVESJILOVESJILOVESJ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Teukie looks so badass here :D. Love the sleeveless shirt. OMG HYUK YOU SLY DEVIL. He slides his jacket off his left shoulder XDDD. Oh but Sungmin, what did you do to your hair?! He can’t flip his fringe out of his eyes anymore D:. Kangin’s hair looks grey O__O. I’m hoping it’s the quality of the video. And goshhh, Heechul’s hair sure grows fast.

Love the ending choreography of the song ♥____♥. SO AWESOME!♥

Oh, and the video isn’t in sync :(. I’ll edit with a synced version when I find one. EDIT: Here’s a synced version. It isn’t as high quality though.

EDIT 2: A HQ and synced version.

Credit: Sup3rJunior

After watching the performance a few times, I’ve noticed:

♦ I love how the boys aren’t wearing matching/similar clothes. They’ve all got their individual ‘characters’.
♦ Teukie looks badass not because of what he’s wearing, but because of his hair. It looks…shorter. Did he cut it?
♦ Kyu is wearing gloves *_____*.
♦ Siwon looks gentleman-ly, no matter his facial expression.
♦ Who’s feet does the camera always pan to in the ‘jega jega’ part? Yesung?
♦ Hyuk pwns at heart popping. He’s even better with his jacket off his shoulder XD.
♦ Sungmin doesn’t look as bad with his shorter hair anymore. In fact, I’d say he looks more ‘manly’. I still prefer his previous hairstyle though :/.
♦ I love the fact that ShinHyuk get to sing LIVE.
♦ Hae’s pants are…odd o___o.
♦ Love what Geng is dressed in <33.
♦ SiHanChul at the end.

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