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It’s out!! To be honest, the song didn’t hit me as a HOMGA;SDLKFJAL;SDKFJTHISSONGISAWESOMEEARCANDY♥♥♥♥, but after listening to hit a few times, it’s grown on me so much :D. Gosh, I luuuurve Yesung’s adlibs <33.

Credit: 199urnobody199


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Yoochun’s gelatos

Well hello there! Gosh they look so enticing and fatty! I seriously doubt what Yoochunnie said about these being XX% fat free; AS IF. Maybe they’re not high in fat, but sugar…definitely high in that. Just look at the chocolate flavour one xD. But still…I WANT.

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It’s sweet of the boys to thank their fans ^^. Although, I think the highlight of this translation is “TEAM CHANCE”, aka, Changmin + Junsu :DD. I think if you say that in Japanese, it’ll probably sound like ‘chansu’…or something like that xD. Don’t quote me on it, I stopped learning Japanese years ago ^^”.

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SuJu version C album cover

EDIT: Colour version!


Besides the fact that it’s BLACK & WHITE yet again DD:, the cover is looking fine *___*. It’s sorta embarrassing to admit this, but gosh, I really couldn’t recognise who the guy right smack in the middle was at first DDDDD: After counting through five of the members, I realised mystery guy was KIBUM. OMG BOY, I’VE MISSED YOU.

Donghae..why does it look like he has moobs? XDD Ok, I dunno why I just said that; I swear I don’t stare at that part of the body often ^^”. He looks very  nice and sort of muscle-y? <33. And AHAHAHAH, Hyuk’s hand on Siwon’s shoulder makes him look like he’s trying to be taller XD;;. That’s only funny ‘cos the SuJu boys always make fun of him and his shoe lifts ^^. I love Ryeowook’s scarf a lot ♥♥♥. Boy always looks good in my biased eyes <3. Kyu’s pose is looking awesome. Gah, why so handsome magnae?

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