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The boys’ most recent episode of SGB  had Hae revealing his worry of the possibility that ‘Sorry Sorry’ would not succeed. Although…I can’t see Hae living the quiet life of a fisherman; once an idol, always an idol ^^.

Super Junior member Lee Donghae has attracted a lot of attention when he said if “Sorry sorry” album wasnt successful, he would buy a boat and make living by going fishing.

On the KBS2TV “Star Golden bell” episode which was aired on May 9th, Donghae has revealed that “Sorry sorry” album was received a lot of love from fan, but otherwise, he would buy a boat and make living by go fishing.

Donghae said “I was born in Mokpo. Really, if this album wasnt successful, I would buy a boat and make living by going fishing”. Besides, Donghae also said sorry to the other members “I want to say sorry to Yesung hyung. Yesung hyung made a lot of cute jokes to us dongsaeng but I always show a dislike manner, I’m sorry”, hence made everybody laughing.

When were asked which member in Shinhwa that you respect, Kyuhyun, Yesung said it’s Shin Hyesung; Shiwon & Donghae said it’s Eric. Kyuhyun said “Because Shin Hyesung hyung had introduced many professional gamers to me (after knowing) I like game a lot”.

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LOL, gameKyu has appeared once again :D.


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Yongsaeng dancing to GEE

OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HE DOING?! And I thought he didn’t know the dance ^^”. Rofl, actually it seems Yongsaeng only knows a part of the dance, BUT STILL! Cuteness overload ♥___♥.

[Credit: hoonfami]

Okay, I’ll stop with the SS501 spam now DDD:

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JEALOUSSSSSS. Here’s a fancam of Baby demonstrating safety procedures. He’s such a cutie *_____*.

[Credit: skypoem]

And I’ll throw in a video of the boys dancing to GEE ROFLMAO. Kyujong seems to be the only one who knows the dance steps x). Yongsaeng and Hyungjoon are just…lost ^^.

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SS501’s Arirang Interview

A really sweet interview <33. The boys seem to be happy to be a whole group once again, and rofl, I see so many MinJoon interactions :D. Baby talking at 1:45 reminds of his hidden camera in Idol World, where the other four boys kept on interrupting him ^^;;.

Credit: skypoem

I’m really looking forward to their next album :)! ♥♥♥

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Hollywood Bowl 2009

Some super high quality fan cams!!

DOUBLE SS <3333! ^^ First only three of the boys come out singing ‘UR Man‘, and wow, awesome performance! Screams from the fans were loud and I’m sure the boys could feel the love for them ^^. ‘UR Man’ remains to be in my top 5 favourite songs from the boys, even though all five of them didn’t perform. Wasn’t there a performance where HyunJoong and Jungmin also had a part? Anyway, then HyunJoong and JungMin appear in ‘Because I’m Stupid‘ and omg, the screams for them rose 239487xx decibels! ♥♥♥♥ They each only got like one line lol, but they still sang <33! OMG, they performed ‘Deja Vu‘! Another one of my favs from them :DD. Sexy sexy SEXY *___*. They give a brief introduction of themselves, but…I don’t understand what they said ^^”.

SHINee performed AMIGO :). I’m actually a relatviely new fan of these boys, so I’m still putting name to face lol. I can’t seem to be able to tell Onew and Key apart DD:. But this song has really grown on me, so it’s great they performed it :). They also sang Noona you’re so pretty [Replay] <3. I can’t believe I used to think this song was bleh :/. But gosh, I love it now :DD.

SNSD’s GEE :). These girls have come a long way for me; I never used to be interested in them, and even after they released GEE, I was a bit skeptical. However, the song just wouldn’t leave my head and I looked up stuff about the girls and hey presto! I find them to be a bunch of silly gooses ;D. The fancam link I posted isn’t a high quality one, although I did find a 27 second HQ performance, for those who are interested ^^.

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