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SS501’s treat for fans

Gosh, dying of jealousy here T______T. How I’d love to be on the same flight as the boys, and to have them serving me…GUHHHH.

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Yunho to star in a drama?

Remember this? It seems that Yunho has been invited to act in a drama, but he hasn’t accepted just yet.

Yunho for acting?

Ooh, Minho may be acting in it as well? Hmm, I had thought it was going to be a Japanese drama, but if Minho’s going to be in it…unless he’s been secretly learning Japanese, I highly doubt it’ll be a J-drama ^^”.

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Caps of their ‘It’s You’ mv :).

SuJu: It's You

From the looks of it, it seems that this song is kind of emo-ish; definitely a change to what SuJu usually sings. And uh…something about a broken heart? ^^” I dunno, why else would they all have hands over their heart? Although, the first pic really reminds me of ‘Marry U’. Except it’s a more serious version :D.

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Only because the boys are total dorks x). Siwon’s expressions are priceless; check out 0:08 & 0:27. And of course, SJ extreme dorkiness starting at 1:42 – they all shove their mics into Kyu’s face ‘cos his one doesn’t work rofl xD.

Credit: CodeAnalysis

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