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IU performs ‘Sorry Sorry’ on guitar the and it’s quite nice <33. And Eunteuk..oh why must they be so cracktastic? XD Their collaboration is love ♥♥♥.

Credit: ccherjr

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2NE1’s Fire MV

You know, when I first heard of them being the ‘female Big Bang’, I honestly wasn’t that interested in them :/. I guess hip hop is, and will remain, a music style I’m not that into. However, I decided to give 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ mv a go and goodness me, I was pleasantly surprised! No, I haven’t fallen deeply in love with hip hop, but this is definitely moving one step forward towards it. Can’t really comment much about their vocal abilities, as the song’s pretty synthesised, but the girls can dance, that’s for sure.

Check out their mv if you haven’t done so already. There’s two versions; the space and street version. This is the space version, which everyone says is better. I especially love the Indian dance part :).

Credit: wondersmurf

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THIS MAN IS BEYOND AWESOME. How does he do it?! I like how he adds his own feel into his playing <3.

Take a look at his cover of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’. Man, it’s too good *___*.

[Video credit: yoonha85 – the man himself :D]

DBSK’s Mirotic || SNSD – Gee || Wonder Girls’ Nobody

Check out his channel for more covers. He doesn’t just cover Kpop, he also plays American music too, if you’re intersted ^^.

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