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I think this is a magazine from China..? Idk, that’s what I’m assuming from the Chinese characters.

The boys look really good here. Lol, how low can Yesung’s neckline go? He’s so phail – his necklace is wonky XDDD. My goodness Sungmin *_______*. Why does he look so happy? <3333! And uhh, can someone explain to me what Teuk is holding on to? ^^”

SuJu on COOL magazine

Whoever buys this issue of the magazine (May, 2009) is in fandom heaven; not only does the magazine talk about SuJu, it also has stuff about DBSK, SS501 (BOF, I think) and 2AM :DD.

Photo credit: sjfantasy


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SS501’s new Japanese song

I generally prefer their Korean songs over their Japanese ones, but I think this particular one is quite nice ^^. The boys sing in acapella, which in my opinion, really empahasises their singing ability. Jungmin especially – he sings really low in one part.

[Credit: mita0721]

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