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DBSK acting?

I’d rather all five of them to be acting together in a drama, but since the translation says only one member, I’m hoping it may be Changmin ^^. It may be my bias, but I’d like to see how he fairs in acting (besides their Banjung dramas). Hmm, maybe a character which will match his witty characteristic? XD


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Some of my favourite moments of their last performance *___*.

The two leaders + Sungmin XD. Only ‘cos his ‘rawr’ faces are that awesome <33.

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The dorks XD. Their accent amuses me to no end. Rofl, their “good boy” part at 0:42… :DDD. Teuk then proceeds to rap in English and then cracks up. HARD. They’re such kids at heart ♥♥♥♥♥.

[Video credit: ccherjr]

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