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Guess who?


How awesome does this pic look?! I dunno if this picture is well known to fans, but I came across it and thought it was amazing *__*. My question to you, who do you think he is? Although I think the answer’s pretty obvious ^^”.



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THERE ARE EUNHAE MOMENTS :DDD! Like, a lot ♥♥♥. Rofl at the beginning; it shows quite a bit of footage of the boys going “We are Super Juni-OR” ^^. And how much they’ve grown over the years since their debut. I love the Ryeowook moment at 0:42 – the boys seem to be having fun <33. And uhh, WE SEE KIBUM 8DD! Although he doesn’t look that happy to be there :/. I wonder why he’s waving his finger around like that. Heechul looks a bit bored too =S. Of course, what sort of SuJu interview would it be without some Teukie!bullying :D. “Teukie hyung!” And Hannie’s a bit lost in the interview ^^.

[Video credit: kithkithkith]

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