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Here’s a cut of Eunhyuk and Shindong dancing a part of ‘Sorry Sorry’s’ choreography. They look so handsome omg *___*! Lol, is that Boom at the back trying to dance along as well? Sorry, I really suck at identifying other Korean celebrities ><.

[Video credit: everlastingsubs]


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How awesome is that?! XDDD DBSK’s ‘Rising Sun’ is used in this chase scene from the movie ‘Fast and Furious’. Take a look at the cut from the movie below. The song starts at around 0:49 and last for a good 30 seconds.

[Video credit: MTSMondo]

According to allkpop, the director is a  Tawainese-American. It’s so cool of him to include Asian music. DBSK is even included in the music credit list.

Go DBSK! <33

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