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AS;LDKJFSK;LDAJDKFJD ROFLMAO XDDDD! WHY SO CUTE BOYS?! I saw this video posted over on LAEC and couldn’t resist but do a spazz post on it. BECAUSE THEY’RE SO WORTH IT. Their bopping to the music is so adorably cute! And Teuk at 0:18 onwards is as;ldkjfskld! I love how Hyuk is mouthing the lyrics to the song, especially towards the middle when he’s lipsyncing Junsu’s parts. HYUKSU <333!! Oh and how awesomely cool is Leeteuk’s hair? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but after reading a comment on the youtube page, his hair does look a bit like Changmin’s, which he once mentioned he would get :D. OMGGG dying at 1:39! Teuk’s ‘oh’ was so so so so so x309875412 cute and sexy and adorable all rolled into one ♥______♥. He seroiusly looks like a little kid here. AHHHHH, ‘da sexy chin’ dance, as Nate coined it :D. And the scream *____*! Why are they so hyper? Especially Leeteuk. He’s such a dork ;D.



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SuJu’s interview

Super Junior has an interview about their recent comeback. Gosh, the boys are so cute :).

You’ve got together again after a long time.

Shiwon : It’s one and half year. Last year we were all busy with the sub-group SJT, SJM, SJH and individual activities. Last year, the sub-groups’ achievement are very dazzling. SJM has received so many awards in China as well as SJT got the No.2 on Japanese Oricon daily chart.

When did you prepare for the 3rd album ? There was a lot of anxiety because you have to show your own style.

Leeteuk : We made it within 1 year beside keeping coming in and out Korea. Super Junior’s music hasnt have its own color so this time we worked very hard to create a style for it. Many famous composers and sunbaenim like Yoo Youngjin, Kenzie, Lee Jaemyong, Park ChanHyung, Hwanhee, Yoo Youngseok have made a higher level album.

How was the reaction after the first performance on Music bank ?

Kangin : It’s very good. I heard that Se7en, Boa, DBSG’s Xiah Junsu…….liked the song “Sorry sorry”. This time our image and vocal are matching with the trend of minimal funky genre. Many celebrities have put our music as their minihompy’s background music. And I aslo heard that the pre-order of our album is more than 150.000

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The Secret Code album

Omgsh I’ve been neglecting the DongBang boys so much ever since SuJu came back as 13 *is ashamed*. I’ve been trying to keep up with their gazillion magazine appearances and photoshoots, but haven’t really spazzing about it. And I didn’t even realise their ‘Secret Code’ album was out on March 25th until the 25th *gets shot*. Anyway, for those who don’t yet know, their full album is now out and can be found here.

(You’ve got to be registered to be able to download.) You can download the entire album as a rar/zip file or get the songs individually, for those who already have their Japanese singles.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Disc 1:
01. Secret Game
03. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite…; Why did I fall in love with you?)
04. Nobody Knows
05. Beautiful you
06. 忘れないで (Wasurenaide; Don’t Forget)
07. 9095
08. 呪文 -MIROTIC- (Jumon -MIROTIC-; Magic Spell -MIROTIC-)
09. TAXI
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero
14. 9096 (Hidden Track)

Disc 2:
01. ウィーアー! (Ui aa!; We are!)
02. Take Your Hands -REMIX-
03. Box in the ship
04. 千年恋歌 (Sennen Koiuta; 1000 Year Love Song)
05. Purple Line

Source: Z-degrees


I swear, once I get back to HK the end of this year, I’ll be sweeping all the SuJu/DBSK/SS501 related stuff off the shelves x).

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12+ CF

A;DLKJFASKL;DFJAD, I LOVE YESUNG SO MUCH! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ He is such a dork, and gosh, I love what he did in the CF XDDDD. Siwon looks so hot here, Heechul is so sexy with his ‘ahhh’ and Yesung omg *______*! Love this adorkable man to bits <3333!

[Video credit: obscurepanic]

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There are so many things I disagree with in this article -___-. I mean, I know they’re providing ‘critisms’, but to say Ryeowook “only sings the high parts within Super Junior” is going a bit too far. Yes, he does mostly sing high parts, but they obviously don’t follow SuJu closely, since I’ve heard him sing pretty low parts too. I’ve bolded the parts which I think the judges should reconsider i.e. eat their words and choke.

The April issue of men’s fashion magazine “Arena” judged the talents of the main vocals of idol groups. Group DongBangShinGi’s Xiah JunSu received the highest praise, SoNyuhShiDae’s TaeYeon and Wonder Girls’ SunYe were given similar marks. SS501’s Huh YoungSeng and Big Bang’s DaeSung, Super Junior’s RyeoWook received the lowest marks.

The judging was done by singer Kim YunWoo, pop music critic Cha WooJin, and M.Net’s Park ChanWook PD. The three said of Xiah JunSu’s voice, “The reason why his vocal does not exceptionally stand out is because of DongBangShinGi’s songs,” and “He is a commendable vocalist who we feel sorry to label as an idol singer.” Kim YunWoo said, “He gives a nice feel of having talent as well as having received much training.”

Although not as skilled in comparison with Xiah JunSu, Shinee’s JongHyun received positive feedback. They stated, “He is a singer whose next step we are anticipating more than his current stand,” and “JongHyun’s vocal is one of the reasons why Shinee succeeded.”

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[Video credit: chewnait]

I came across this video on windowwatcher’s wp and loled hard for a good 10 minutes at Zhou Mi’s Engrish. I love him to death, but he’s got such a heavy accent ^^. My initial reaction to the ‘subtitles’ was ROFLMAO XDDD; then okkk-it’s-getting-a-bit-annoying-I-know-the-person-is-making-fun-of-MiMi-out-of-love-I-hope-but-still-I’m-beginning-to-hate-them, and finally, whatever-I’ll-just-keep-rofling-at-Zhou Mi’s-Engrish :D:D.

I’m not entirely familiar with this song except for the ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ part XDD (I know, I FAIL), so I had to look up the lyrics to the song. And I don’t know, but are there like heaps of versions of this song out there? This was the closest lyrics I could find to what was sang.

There’s a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of a rolling world can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It’s enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it’s laid to rest
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

Oh dear Zhou Mi. He’s got a REALLY nice voice, but uhhh, stick with Chinese maybe? ^^;;

I keep on replaying the video though and just loling to myself. Does that make me a bad fan? :P

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