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YEAHHHHHHH! :D:D:D:D Sungmin is so cute and loveable and just too adorable for words <33. I love Ryeowook’s ‘Shori shori’ XDD. And lol, what was Yesung doing behind Leeteuk? Haha, that boy is so easily distracted. I wonder what was on Leeteuk’s ear that interested him so much x). There’s a bit of Eunhae moment here but wow, Hae looks like he can hardly keep his eyes open :(. I swear Eunhyuk looks so much like Rain here, especially at 2:20. He’s talking about some ‘Hallyu star’…I wonder if he’s refering to Rain. OMGSH LEETEUK SOUNDS SO SEXY WHEN HE SAYS ‘CIRCLE’ XDD! I like Siwon’s nod of approval; he’s satisfied with the way the mv turned out ;D. The mv’s got Siwon’s stamp of approval ;).

[Video credit: sok663]


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