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Hehehe, SuJu <333 :). Heechul’s face at 1:20 cracks me up. Hongki introduces him, saying that he’s cut his hair and the way Heechul looks at him is kind of like (jokingly) ‘do you wanna die?’ XDD. Well, for a split second anyway.

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Wheeeeeeeeeee! I’ve been looking forward to this for years! :)  There’s going to be yet another OST album, which will be called ‘F4 Special Edition’. Each member of F4 will be covering a song (solos!) of their choice. HyunJoong’s song is “행복이란” (Thing Called Happiness), which was first sung by Jo Kyung Soo back in the ’70’s.

Download HyunJoong’s cover here.

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I can’t wait to hear how Kim Bum sings :D.

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