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No words can describe my feelings. SUJU <3333333! And they sang their songs LIVE ♥____♥!

Sorry Sorry:

The lights really ruined it for me; especially towards the end. My eyes were going all @____@ from trying to see the members.

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I think I’ve totally abused caps lock in all my posts related to Super Junior in the past week or so XD. BUT OMG HOW CAN I NOT USE CAPS; SUJU IS DRIVING ME CRAZZZYYYYYYY!!!

[Video credit: SapphireJunior10]

How awesome is this mv? The special effects were fantastic; I love how they show one member in the middle and then on both sides the next member about to sing. Lol, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. THE DANCING *______*! They are looking hot and handsome and OMG I-I’M RUNNING OUT OF ADJECTIVES. The mv has totally killed my brain.

SUPER JUNIOR!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Lee Minho sings

I wonder exactly how well he sings. I’m not against him singing or anything, but I hope he thinks about this carefully before entering the music industry. That is, if he enters the music industry.

Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min-ho is pairing with well-known songwriter Park Geun-tae to release a digital single. A “famous female rapper” is also reportedly featured on the track.

Not only will a single be sold, an accompanying music video will be shot (it’s still being cast, but the director has been selected).

Although Lee will be singing the track, don’t consider it a foray into a kpop career; it’s more like a fancy CF. This comes as part of an ad campaign for Cass beer, for which Lee is brand model.

As we know, Korea’s got a pretty good track record in the branded entertainment field. The people behind this project express hope of creating another sensation like the uber-popular series of Anymotion/Anyclub cell phone adverts a few years ago that starred Lee Hyori and Eric. Those were more like mini-movies than commercials in scope, and also released digital singles.

Counter to Lee’s arrogant onscreen image from BBF — or even his shy offscreen one — the song is being described as “exuberant club dance music.” The gist of the song lyrics paints Lee as an innocent guy who gets seduced by a woman (they’re currently casting for his female partner). The director, Cha Eun-taek, was also the man behind Hyori’s “Anymotion” and “U Go Girl” videos.

Source: Star News
Translations: dramabeans

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