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DBSK: Oricon Style Magazine

The main reason why I’m actually posting this magazine article translation is because Junsu’s being a total brat towards Changmin. And the fact that Jae wears calorie burning underwear is quite interesting too XDDDD.


With their popularity rising everyday, TVXQ has become the Monthly Artist in Oricon Style. They will now reveal their true side to everyone. This week, Yunho and Junsu will be revealing Yoochun, Changmin and Jaejoong’s secrets.

#1. YC, CM & JJ’s secrets

Q: We’d like to know more about each member this time, so please do tell us some secrets the members have as they’re not here now. First, we have Yunho and Junsu to tell us about Changmin, Yoochun and Jaejoong’s personalities. We’ll also reveal some of their secrets along the way.
JS: Sigh~no! We know each other too well, so there aren’t any secrets between us.

Q: It doesn’t have to some shockingly huge secret, something small like an odd habit or a past experience would do as well. Shall we start by introducing each member’s personality? Junsu, what do you think of Jaejoong?
JS: Ah~ he’s very open minded, and a very warm person. He has a really bright personality, and his muscles are great too.
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1. Kim Junsu
2. Kim Jaejoong
3. Seven
4. Kim Ryeowook
5. Andy lee
6. Kim Hyunjoong
7. Rain
8. Lee Minwoo
9. Park Yoochun
10. Kangta
11. Cho Kyuhyun
12. Lee Hongki
13. Jun Jin
14. Shim Changmin
15. Kim Jongkook
16. Kim Yesung
17. Shin Hyesung
18. Son Ho Young
19. Kang Daesung
20. Oh Junghyuk
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Have I ever stated how much I love KRY? ♥_____________♥ Well, they’re not exactly back with an album, but they have collaborated with Yunho and Yoochun in one of their songs “Heartquake”. I guess that’ll have to do for now. It is said that Yunho and Yoochun will be rapping in the song. MOAR DONGBANGJUNIOR LOVE!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

K.R.Y ♥♥

(Photo credit as tagged)

The next time SM splits SuJu up to do sub-group activities again, I demand for KRY. Their songs are so beautiful and the voices…guhhhhh *______*. The three compliment each other so well; Kyu with his lower voice range, Yesung with his lovely breathy voice and Ryeowook with his higher voice range. I HEART THEM SO MUCH! ♥♥

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SUJU ♥________♥! The song is absolutely AWESOME; it didn’t disappoint me one bit.

[Video credit: SJ3jib]

I actually suck at telling music styles apart (unless they’re really obvious), so I’ve no idea what to classify this song as. Oh, who cares, THEY’RE ALMOST BACK!!! SM seems to be on a roll with repeating words in a song (GEE anyone?), but I’m not complaining. I don’t think I hear Kibum or Shindong though =/. Hopefully we’ll hear more of them in the rest of the album.

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