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Leeteuk's hair

I LOVE HIS HAT!♥ And wow, his hair *___*! I know I previously said that Teukie’s hair was dyed blonde,  but now I’m beginning to wonder whether it had something to do with the lighting o___o. I don’t really know. If this is really his official hairstyle for SuJu’s THIRD JIB then omgsh, I’m salivating! ;D I don’t know why I’m such an obsessed fangirl really.

He looks so cute and adorable in this picture; I want to go up to him and hug him :P. Ooh, and he has a mole on his left ear ;). I never knew that.

Lol, ok that just sounded totally stalker like.

Photo credit: kbites


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These dance steps may not be the official ones for their third album, but oh gosh, I don’t think I can take this any longer. After being so SuJu13 deprived, I’m having trouble adjusting to this sudden bombardment of news about them. Not that I’m hating it or anything, but THEY’RE GOING TO BE BACK IN SEVEN DAYS!!!! I can’t get over it, I really can’t.

[Video credit: HEENIMisLOVE]

EunHae have just become my favourite ‘coupling’ XDDDDD. They’re so smooth, so good – absolutely fantastic. They look so happy just to be there dancing. I love them so hard ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. And Hae’s peace sign towards the end; GUHHHHH, why do they do this to me? D:


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I don’t really understand why this is called the official teaser when the photos were already out on the net yesterday. But WHY AM I EVEN COMPLAINING? Here’s the better, BIGGER versions of the photos.


CLICK IT CLICK IT CLICK IT! Here, I was able to see that Yesung’s hand looks like it’s patting Hyuk on the head XD. But if you look closer, her’s actually got his hand on his knee.

I’m hyperventilating. They’ve been gone for so long and OMIGOSH ONE WEEK LEFT!!!!!!!

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Siwon <3

I just had to post this pic up of him *___*. He looks so gorgeous here; omgsh, the long lean legs :Q________! ^^;; So happy and carefree too. As much as I look forward to SuJu’s third album, I know that the boys will be having hectic schedules once again for promotions. I dunno, looking at this photo just makes me feel a little sad that they’ll have to work so hard and have minimum sleep.


Photo credit: shiina01@soompi

Super Junior HWAITING!

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