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Hyperventilating!! Why do they tease us so? T________T

Read THIS and spazz too.

And I love this part to bits, so I just had to post it.

The members are all full of confidence..Album..Teasers..Understand??^^
Now while anticipating, just wait a little while more.. Hope that everyone will sleep well every night!!

TEUKIE!!! How can you expect us to sleep well with what you just told us?


Now we’re gonna start with the teasers, you must listen to the songs more and memorize them, then you can sing along with us when we make our comeback!! ㅋㅋ

Credits: ilovejr@wordpress.com

I hate them for doing this to me, yet I want MORE!


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I love it so much ♥♥.

[Video credit: pri3an]

The part where Geng gives Kyu the huge teddy bear is so much love; the look on both of their faces is too cute ^^. And OMGsh Yesung looks FABULOUS in that pair of glasses *___*! Goodness, what is Wookie doing during 1:56-2:01? How anyone possibly be this cute? T__T Ahh, if only Kibum participated in this as well.

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