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Yesung’s skinship ;D

Gosh, this is hilarious :D:D.

Yesung and his skinship…when Heechul was on M4U, Heechul complained that Yesung is always constantly touching him and every other member which annoyed him. To this, Yesung said it’s because from the back Heechul looks feminine to which Heechul asked, “Then why do you touch Shindong?” to which Yesung responded, “Shindong also looks feminine… you guys are like ‘200 lb Beauty’ from the back, you are the skinny version and Shindong is the fat version.'”

XDDDDD! ILUSM YESUNG!♥ Come to me, you can cuddle me anytime 8). And just because he looks so darn good, here’s a few pics of him :).

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With all the hype of MR videos right now, I decided to go and listen to a few myself. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the performances too. It’s not that I expected horrible singing or anything, since well…these people kind of make a living out of singing, but with some people critisising and saying how certain idol groups have pretty shaky vocals, I have to say that I didn’t hear any of that. Maybe it’s just that the live performances I listened to weren’t as bad. I guess we also have to keep in mind that not all live performances are smooth sailing for the singers. With that said, here’s a few performances I watched.

Super Junior:

Marry U – This is one of my favourite songs by them :D. There were a few shaky moments, but overall, I think the boys did relatively well. To  me, Yesung’s voice really stood out; maybe it’s because he sounds exactly the same when singing live and when recorded. Ahh, if only the screaming was cut out or had its volume lowered =/.

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AHHHHH, IT’S FINALLY SUBBED!!! Thanks so much to ramensoupsubs for subbing it ^__^. I haven’t got the time to watch the whole episode yet, but the first part alone is cracking me up, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL TRYING SO HARD TO SPEAK ENGLISH XDDD!

Part 1

For the rest of the parts, check out ramensoupsubs’ channel.

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