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XIAHTIC performance

IT’S SO HOT! My goodness, Junsu *_______*! How is it possible that he can transform from a total dork into such a smexy person? GUHHHHH drooling :Q__________

[Video credit: AhMiG0]

Key’s rap was too short though :(. He was there for practically half a minute only! Or it may be that the fan didn’t record the whole thing ^^;;.

OMGSH JUNSU ♥_____♥!


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DBSK’s Asia Tour Concert Photos

Some epic photos of the boys performing at their concert ^^. AND OH MY GOSH I ADORE THIS ONE!

They are looking smoking hot!! ♥____♥


I think this was during Changmin’s solo..? The rest of the members were doing stuff while he was singing and Junsu just had to be the one flying on a broomstick XDDDD! Ever since his speech about the failing economy, I now laugh at pretty much everything he does :P. ILY Junsu!♥

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[Mod Post] Some changes

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile (thank you for doing so, you’re really loved..well, by me anyway ;D), you’ll notice that I’ve made a couple of small changes to my blog title and my nickname. The reason being that I feel a tad exposed by using them, so I changed them. Nothing interesting behind the change really.

This is kind of a spam post; it’s just to let anyone know, if there’s any confusion.

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I came across this video on Youtube, and people are saying that these might be part of their dance for their third album ^^. Thanks to only13suju for the video.

I’m loving the intricate hand movements :D. And Teukie looked so focused and into it *___*.

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YESSSS! I know these are probably just rumours and assumptions, but with the lack of information regarding their third jib, any rumours are probably regarded as news :P. But just a note of caution anyway, the following is just a bunch of assumptions fans have put together from several ‘resources’.

♦ Sources say that Eunhyuk’s mother told fans that came to see him at church that he wasn’t coming because he would be taking part in the photoshoot until late that evening.

♦ Other sources who are in contact with Sungmin’s little brother, Sungjin, were told that Sungmin told him that they were shooting the album jacket that day.

♦ Sungmin stated in his cyworld that he would finally be able to eat after Sunday. Obviously, this means that Sunday was some sort of day that he has been dieting for (for those of you that don’t know, Sungmin gains weight very easily and must diet).

♦ Eunhyuk stated on the February 17 (Tuesday) live broadcast of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio that the photoshoot for the album jacket was completely finished and they were busy preparing for the comeback.

♦ Dance practice was held at SM Entertainment on Wednesday (February 18, 2009).

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