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SS501 parody Boys Over Flowers

I love these boys so much ♥. There’s no subs for this just yet (someone please sub this!), but I’m pretty sure this is who’s acting who:

HyungJun: Jun Pyo
KyuJong: Ji  Hoo
YongSaeng: Ee Jung

And the girl I’ve no idea XD.

Aparrently there’s going to be a part two next week. Looking forward to it!


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I-I don’t think it’s actually the whole group T___T. Do I sound like an utter pervert? But still, EYE CANYYYYYYYY! Even if it’s not exactly close ups ^^;;


I think this is during the time they were in Thailand filming a Pepsi CF. But where are the others? I want to say naked!Wookie, Kyuhyun and Henry too ;).

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If you love Super Junior…

…then do this :D. I came across this awhile ago and thought it would be fun to do. Share your answers too!

Favourite Member: Ryeowook
Favourite Singer: Ryeowook (and can I add a Yesung here as well? xD)
Favourite Rapper: Eunhyuk
Favourite Dancer: Eunhyuk ( he’s the dancing machine of SuJu!)
Favourite Radio DJ: Leeteuk
Favourite Couple: Yewook (& Eunhae! & all the other couples in SuJu too :D)
Favourite Actor: Kibum
Favourite CF Star: Kibum
Favourite Drama by a Super Junior member(s): SuJu Fullhouse, if you can call that a drama ^^
Favourite Song: Marry U
Favourite Cover: Don’t Don!
Favourite Album: Super Show Concert CD :)
Favourite Smile: Ryeowook
Favourite Hairstyle: Leeteuk
Favourite member in glasses: Kyuhyun

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