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I was just surfing for Ryeowook pics since I love this boy to death and came across this hilarious photoshopped poster of him x). I’m not sure if fans got this idea after the Super Show, seeing as he dressed up as Harry Potter in their YMCA song, but OH EM GEE! He looks awesome in the pic! I love you so much Wookie ♥♥♥!

Ryeowook as Harry Potter

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If this is true, then it’s very good news ^^. As much as I love HYD, there’s really too many remakes of it =/.

It was revealed today that the chinese remake of Meteor Garden, an adapation of the best-selling manga Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio is most likely a fraud.

Japan publisher Shueisha, Inc. who holds the rights to the popular manga had inked an agreement with Group Eight beforehand stating that no adapations of any kind can be made after them in the next 2 years. A Group Eight representative said today, “When we signed the contract with Shueisha, Inc., it was stated clearly that after our Korean adapation, there will be no more drama adapations of the manga within the next 2 years.”

Although Boys Before Flowers originated from Japan, it was first made into a drama by Taiwan in 2001 with the resounding success bringing a sequel 2 years later. The Japanese drama adapation followed in 2005 with a sequel and a live-action movie in 2007 and 2008 respectively. All came away with resounding success. Boys Before Flowers is thus labelled by many to bring success to anyone associated with it.
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DBSK’s new song

Here’s a preview of their upcoming song ‘Stand Up’ in their fourth Japanese album.

Hmm, the song’s alright, not a big ‘WOAH I like that song!’ feeling. It’ll probably grow on me though, just like Mirotic did. But omg, did I just hear ‘funkination’? XDDD That’s around the 1:17 mark. I thought it was the subber’s mistake, but I do think they made up another English word…unless it’s some Japanese word ^^.

I feel communication, it’s vibration, in the morning is funkination


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I finally got around to watching SuJu’s ‘Boys in City Season 2’ DVD :). I love these boys to death, I do. They’re just too adorkable for words. Part seven was a part I especially liked ^^.

Siwon speaking ENGLISH at 1:55 *_____*!♥ His perfect ‘s’ pronunciation; compare it to what Kangin said at 1:16 XD. Choi Siwon ah, can you not fail at anything? But the next part OMGSH! SUNGMINNIE POUTS!!!! DYING! Come play your guitar to me any day Minnie, I won’t complain at all.

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This occurred on February 12th. Hmmm, I’m not so sure about some of the awards, but it’s not like I can do anything about it.

Daesang – WG
Bonsang – TVXQ, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Baek Jiyoung, SG wannabe, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dambi, SS501, BEG
New Artists – Shinee, Davichi, Mighty Mouth
Highwon Music Award – Big Bang
Trot(?)- Park Hyun Bin
Performance award – Kim Jang Hoon
YTNStar award – Baek Jiyoung
Best Album – Big Bang
Digital award – Wonder Girls
Popular Mobile Award – TVXQ, Big Bang
Hallyu Award – SS501

Credit: 2MY
credit: lyckaGD @ bbvipz

I’m really missing Super Junior =/. Can’t wait for their thrid album to come out ^^!

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