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Heechul has updated his cyworld with a post regarding his kissing rampage.

Heechul's cyworld entry

Although I may be able to read some Korean, in no way can I understand what I’m reading. But according to Popseoul!, Heechul isn’t happy with antis spreading rumours regarding his kisses – that he is trying to start a trend “for boy-on-boy kissing.”

I know I’m one of the fans who aren’t really appreciating this type of fan service, but in no way do I hate Heechul =/. I-I just want this kissing rampage to be over.


If there’s anyone out there who can translate this entry, it will be greatly appreciated :).


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I was just reading a fan account of the concert, and this part made me feel really sad, and trust me, this doesn’t happen often.

Zhoumi came around my area.. he was kinda… hmm.. i could say insecure? he wasn’t confident to smile to the crowd.. probably because he didn’t know who were his antis… i feel so sorry for him.. i know cassies may not know him even.. and there were probably ‘only13′ people around there.. but i didn’t care and was trying to scream my lungs out so he wouldn’t feel bad.. lol^^


zhoumi came by the area.. he was smiling to the fans..and i don’t know which bad girl didn’t smile back at him? not sure but he just kinda lost confidence in his face.. poor him… i just kept screaming at him though.. haha

Credit: natngnear@sapphirepearls

Omgshhh Mi Mi! After all he’s been through..*runs over and hugs him tight*

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Sometimes I really wish I live in China, where SJM is performing so much x).

In the past few years, the only Valentines Day Concert in Shanghai would be held by Liang Jing Ru. However, this year, there is someone [or someones] who will be taking this position. A  reporter found that the Korean group SJM will be holding a “Super Junior– Super Valentines Day Party” in Minhang Stadium Using the slogan “Let SJM be your lover for a day“, the tickets have been selling well.

Other than performing many songs, each of the seven members will be showing individual talents. One of the members Henry, will become a piano prince and take on the challenge of singing while playing the piano. He will be performing Jay Chou’s “A Secret I Can’t Tell”. Choi Siwon will be doing a drums performance, and member Kyuhyun will bring a graceful and pure clarinet solo.

Credits: iFensi
Translated by iheartviolinboy@thirdchapter.org

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I’m actually laughing at this, rather than feeling disgusted, BECAUSE YESUNGIE IS SUCH A DORK XDDDD! During the ‘Haengbok’ performance, Heechul leans in to kiss Hankyung, and while Shindong looks on, Yesung blocks the kiss by placing his finger on Heechul’s lips.



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I kind of forgot it was his birthday yesterday ^^;;. And this will be one sloppy and rushed birthday post, but omgsh, Hankyung’s OLD XDD! In a good way of course, since I love making fun of these adorkable boys ;D.

Happy 25th Birthday Han Geng! ♥♥



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