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Yunho getting caked!

LOL at everyone ganging up on Yunho XD! A cake was brought out during the SMTown Concert in Bangkok and after everyone had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ and the candles were blown out Shindong held onto Yunho’s arms while Yoochun smashed the cake onto his face ^____^!

I love how everyone clapped and laughed at him x). And Siwon letting Yunho taste the cake FROM HIS FINGER *______*!


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Each member gets to film a 36 second CF :). Only Taemin’s and Minho’s ones have been released so far. And OMGSHHH THEY’RE SO CUTE!♥

Taemin’s CF

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I don’t really agree with some of the ranks of the boys; it seems there’s some bias towards BOF. And as much as I like HyunJoong, Jae should be all the way at the top ^^;;. No one can deny he’s got a very pretty face.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, BOF)
2. Jo Insung
3. Lee Minho (BOF)
4. Jang Geunseok
5. Jung Ilwoo
6. Jang Donggeon
7. Kim Bum (BOF)
8. Kang Dongwon
9. NichKhun (2PM)
10. Kim Wonjoon
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