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SJM for Pepsi

I have been very deprived of them lately again :(. BUUUUT I just found out they’re shooting an ad for Pepsi! Well, it seems like it anyway. Who else will stand on 50++ boxes of Pepsi if they weren’t filming an ad XD?

THEY ARE SO FREAKING HOT!♥ Ryeowook’s pink shirt! Siwon’s shirt *___*! Hae & Kyu & Henry’s pose! Hannie ♥___♥! ZHOU MI’S PANTS XDDD!


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Lame title, I know xD. But hey,  it’s Yunho’s birthday today, so all’s well. If you haven’t already done so, then read this. One of DBSK’s cutest interviews ever (focused on Yunho!) and you’ve gotta love Minnie’s replies ^^.

This has got to be one of the lamest birthday posts ever, but I don’t have any good links at all. I’ve only recently started fangirling of these bunch of hot boys, but what with school and exams (damn you all *shakes fist*), I just haven’t had the time to watch their variety shows. So no links this time round.

Ooh, a show that just popped to mind is ‘Family Outing’! Yunho and Junsu appear on this hilarious variety show and omgshh drooling XDD. You can watch it on Youtube here, but it’s not that high in quality. (Thanks to eternalmerkamoon4 for subbing!) I did download both episodes in shiny high quality, but I FORGOT WHERE FROM :(. So sorry I can’t be of any help.

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