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An ‘F5’ in BOF?

‘Flower boy’ Jung Eui Chul, who appeared in the first episode of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has re-appeared again in episode ten. He played Lee Min Ha in the first episode, who attempted to suicide by jumping off the roof of the school building. Now, in the tenth episode, he has returned to play the twin of Lee Min Ha, Lee Je Ha. Je Ha is a model, who intends to seek revenge for his twin brother and joins up with Goo Jun Pyo’s mother.

Jung Eui Chul

When I first saw this photo, I thought he looked a bit like Kyuhyun from Super Junior, but at closer look, they don’t really look that similar. Maybe it’s the hair. And the way he’s posing. It’s very Kyuhyun-ish ^^;;.

Now all I have to do is catch up with BOF. Episode eight, here I come :D.


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