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Finally, the complete list has been revealed :). I’m not sure how the list was compiled; probably by some sort of voting by Mnet staff.

This is purely for my own sake really; I’ve decided to colour code the groups I’m more familiar with for easier reading. (I’ve tried to go with their official colours, but SHINee’s one is kind of similar to SuJu’s one so I made it an entirely different colour ^^;;)

SHINee: Orange
SS501: Green
Super Junior: Blue

1. Big bang, Kwon Jiyong
2. Wonder Girls, Sohee
3. DBSK, Xiah junsu
4. Big Bang, TOP
5. DBSK, U-Know Yunho
6. SS501, Kim Hyunjoong
7. Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori
8. SNSD, Taeyeon
9. H.O.T, Jang Woohyuk
10. DBSK, Micky Yoochun
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