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I don’t think I’ve ever watched such an awesome mv before :).

When I first saw the banana ‘growing’, I was like O___O is he spitting a piece out of his mouth? XD I love the whole ‘reversing time’ technique. And the song’s quite nice too ^^. I’m guessing the main guy (the one who spat out the banana) is Tablo..? Lol, I suck. I swear I’ll get to know them better. At least there’s only three of them, not that it took me that long to figure out all the members of Super Junior xP.

Why didn’t I get into Epik High earlier?


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I’m not familiar with Epik High or its members, but this is actually really good xD. Considering I’m quite a prude when it comes to swearing too ^^;;.

There’s this rumour floating around that this video was actually uploaded by Tablo himself, i.e. mapthesoul is his youtube channel. At the moment this is just that, a RUMOUR and will probably remain one too.

Tablo does seem a little drunk lol. But still able to freestyle rap well. AND HE POUTS AT 0:15!! I’m swooning at that and I don’t even know him XD. The other guy’s called MYK, according to the uploader of the video. Anyone have any idea of who he is?

Now I’m thinking I should give Epik High’s music a go :D.

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Can I say lOlOlOL?!

SuJu's F4

From what I can see, Donghae is WooBin, Leeteuk is Ji Hoo, Siwon is Jun Pyo and Henry is Ee Jung. I’m not entirely sure about the last two though. It took me quite a while to see who’s face was photoshopped in place of Kim Bum’s. And the one I think is Siwon…it looks like him but at the same time doesn’t..? Idek.

This definitely made my day ^^. I’ve seen this floating around the net quite a bit today and it seems Teukie managed to get his hand on it too. It’s so much win XD.

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Whenever the China version of HYD is reported, I’ve always counted it as a rumour. However, it seems now that it’s FACT and not a rumour. According to Epoch Times, this fourth version will  have a few twists in the plot too.

Thanks to Sarah @ AF for translating.

China version ‘Meteor Garden’, Shan Chai’s name is changed to Chu Yu Qian? Recently, SARFT released info about the China version ‘Meteor Garden’ on its official website and shocked many people. Yesterday, many netizens commented: “Plot is very inspirational, names are too Qiong Yao.”

Shan Cai’s name changed to Chu Yu Qian

Earlier, there were rumours that ‘Meteor Garden’ would be changed to ‘Meteor Rain.’ Yesterday, amongst the info that SARFT released, this has been confirmed. ‘Meteor Rain’ is set to have 35 episodes, and will begin filming in March; the whole filming process will take around 3 months. Read rest of entry »

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Kyu BB ^^

Magnae is growing up ^^. From his faint worthy voice to his handsome looks, it’s no wonder many fan girls love him :D. Of course, how can we forget his humour in his UFO replies?

[FAN] Oppa I need the front seat!
[KYUHYUN] The tickets for Super Show were all sold out in one minute

[FAN] Super Junior’s most handsome oppa. Please reply.
[KYUHYUN] Me? kekekeke

[FAN] World’s most handsome is Cho Kyuhyun
[KYUHYUN] I know

[FAN] Cold!! Cold Kyu!! Why do you give short answers all the time, really bad
[KYUHYUN] If you don’t like it then ok

[FAN] Oppa I’m bored, let’s play together~
[KYUHYUN] – – ?

[FAN] Oppa what are you doing?
[KYUHYUN] Sleeping

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