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DBSK & SHINee airport fancams

This fancam shows Jusnu getting harrassed by a fangirl; I thinking she was kind of groping him..? Idk.

DBSK (2006)

(Junsu wearing glasses *__*)

Compare the above to SHINee’s fans in Tawain.

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Just one day after it was official that Won Bin is leaving the group, a new member is already announced. F&C Music sure is quick when it comes to replacing members =/.

Song Seung Hyun

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Young F4

Kim Bum *___*. He looks pretty much the same as now ^^. And HyunJoong, he looks exactly the same. Especially the eyes; I always thought the bags under his eyes were a result of working so much, but maybe he’s always had them. And I’ve already spazzed about Minho and Kim Joon, but my it’s great to know not everyone is plastic :D. Especially F4!♥ They’re all naturally pretty, that’s all ^^;;.

Photo credit: allkpop

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He looks very pretty indeed ^^. It’s nice to know that not everyone gets double-eyelid surgery in Korea; I know Lee Junki is another example :).

Kim Joon_high school

Kim Joon

I know he’s a newbie actor, but if only he can have more lines. The other F3 seem to be dominating the story (not that I’m complaining!), while he doesn’t seem to get as much screen time. Please scriptwriters, let him say a bit more than “Yo!”, “Hey man!” or ‘Wassup!” ^^;;.

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