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I wonder if the draw was on purpose.

To be honest, I didn’t like Seungri’s dance. Maybe I just don’t like the fact that he’s dancing with a girl. And this is all coming from a very unbiased perspective since I’m not a big fan of Big Bang. Not that I hate the group, their music style just doesn’t appeal to me as much. I don’t like how he incorporated sex appeal into the dance through the use of a female dancer. Although I have to admit, it wasn’t a bad dance. It’s just not my cup of tea.

I much more prefer Taeyang’s dance, although it wasn’t like a ‘Woah I like this dance’ type reaction. And once again, YoonA’s reaction to the little stripping involved was caught. It’s like the cameraman knows when to film her to capture her emotions. I like how the dancing suddenly became much more energetic and faster; contrasting well with the beginning of the dance.

Gosh, I sound like I don’t really like Big Bang in this post, but I actually don’t mind them. I’m just not that big of a fan of theirs, that’s all.


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I quite liked SNSD’s dance, but I think Jewelry & VOS were better. And well, they did win too.

SNSD had a really powerful beginning, and can anyone tell me the name of the one who did a solo dance? The only members I know are YoonA and Taeyeon, so it’d be kind of helpful ^^;;. Once again, I wonder if they understand the lyrics to some of the songs they use xD. I think their dance could have been better without the exaggerated bum shaking, but then again, it could just be me.

With Jewelry & V.O.S, I really like how they danced with the music; like the VOS member (sorry, I don’t know their names ^^”) danced when a guy sang, and a Jewelery member danced when a girl sang. And the whole passing the cap to the person dancing was a nice idea. Gosh, even their ties seem to match.

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MBC Dance Battle: SHINee vs. 2PM

Once again, both groups performed totally different styles of dance. 2PM won the battle, and I can see why, but SHINee’s dance was pretty good too.



I’m not familiar with 2PM, but gosh, I enjoyed their dance ^^. It’s more like street dancing and I think that’s about how as technical as I’ll get, seeing as I have almost zero knowledge of dancing. Their clothes are very basic, which makes it easier for Jaebum (I think it was him..?) to half strip XD. And gosh, YoonA’s reaction when he did that was priceless ;). I wonder though, do they actually understand the lyrics in the song they’re dancing to? ‘Cos it’s got pretty suggestive lyrics in there.

SHINee decided to go with a re-make of H.O.T’s ‘We are the Future’. I’ve got to say, I hate Taemin’s wig. I know it’s meant to be like how the hair used to be, but gosh, I just don’t like it. I enjoyed their dance a lot, and the fact that they sang as well makes it even better (at least, I think they did, or they could have been lip-syncing). Of course, this is a dance battle, so I don’t think them singing does much, but kudos to them for putting in the extra effort.

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Both groups did such a fantastic job *____________* . SS501 was the winner, and I guess I’d pick them too if I really had to ^^;;. SuJu’s dance seemed lighter compared to SS501’s; maybe it’s got something to do with the lighting and the clothes they’re wearing. I love both groups immensely and to be honest, I like SuJu that tiny bit more, but this time, I think SS501 really deserves to win.

I love how the boys separated and did their own solo dances, then came back together at the end. KyuJong’s dance = SEXY xD. And when he passed the hankerchief he was using to HyungJun and he WIPED HIS FACE WITH IT..guhh, dying ♥♥. Baby’s dance was awesome, and so was YongSaeng’s. I love his jacket, it totally matched his dance style.

And wow, SuJu’s dance is so different. After watching such intense dancing by SS501, I was a litle surprised by the way they started. I like their dance though, especially when they did the ‘slow-mo’ part and Shindong was flipping Sungmin and then Eunhyuk got his solo dance :). And such an amazing ending, like the dance all builds up to the last part and they end with flipping their jackets back *___*. I like that :D.

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I think this has been out for awhile, but I it wasn’t subbed in English until recently. I’m not a big fan of Big Bang, but I do enjoy some of their songs. And gosh, this parody makes me cringe and laugh and die of embarassment over and over again.

Part 1 of 2

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If you haven’t already seen it, watch it here ENGLISH subbed ^^.

Gosh, I’m really loving this episode :D. I’m mainly writing this as I’m watching, so please bear with the dot point spazzing/summarising ^^;;.

→ Asd;lfkjds, Jun Pyo saves Jan Di XDDD!! She looks so weak and vulnerable in his arms; they really look good together.

→ When Jan Di is sitting on Jun Pyo’s bed and he leans over as he were going to kiss her *__*, but ends up getting the first aid kit :P. AND THEN HE KISSES HER ON THE FOREHEAD ADLKSFJASDLK;FJ!!!! I love the two of them, their personalities make them such a great couple ♥♥♥.

→ Jan Di’s reaction to the price of the bicycle, it’s priceless ;DD. Oh, and doesn’t she look good dressed in Jun Pyo’s pajamas ^_____^?

→ Jan Di’s brother (ahh, I don’t remember his name :() slams the door on Jun Pyo in shock, then proceeds to his computer to check if the Jun Pyo is actually standing outside their house xDD. I love the family’s reaction when Jun Pyo knows what a “cutlass” is ^^. Ahh, too cute.

→ Jun Pyo announcing Jan Di as his girlfriend and her reaction to it ♥__♥. And guhhh, Kim Bum’s smile *_____*.

→ ROFLMAO, emergency at Jan Di’s house xDD. Jan Di’s brother Gang San (they said his name ;D) phones Ga Eul and says there’s an emergency at home LOLOL!! Cut to Jan Di’s reaction when she sees her house is flooded with furniture ^^.

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