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DBSK magazine pic spam

No reading required, just ogle at the boys :D:D.


Changmin_APPEAL+ING Magazine Jaejoong_APPEAL+ING Magazine Junsu_APPEAL+ING Magazine Yoochun_APPEAL+ING Magazine Yunho_APPEAL+ING Magazine

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Since I don’t really care about the negative news surrounding her, I decided to give her new song a go. And to my surprise, the song is actually pretty good. I don’t really understand the mv, but the song’s catchy anyway :).

She has a nice, husky voice which really suits the song imo. For some reason, I really like girls who sing with low-ish husky voices, which I guess is why I like Yoobin and her rapping so much^^.

There’s something about the song which makes it sound slightly different to the Kpop I’m used to listening; perhaps there’s a bit of American music style incorporated into it. After all, Jessica did grow up in the States. I say that despite her past, give the song a go. It’s not exactly your typical catchy song, but it somehow captures your attention and makes you want to listen to it again. I’m definitely interested anyway.

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Ahhh, this song is so pretty ♥♥. And the boys sound so wonderfully awesome singing it live.

It’s great seeing BoF doing so well, especially with its ratings drawing ever so close to East of Eden‘s one :). I must watch episodes 5&6 soon; ever since coming back from camp, I’ve had so much catching up with fandom to do xD. Plus Uni stuff have kept me busy for awhile and gosh, I’ve got too many videos to watch ><;;.

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