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Just a few pictures of the rest of the BoF cast in New Caledonia. Because I am really in love with this drama and it deserves to be mentioned as many times as possible on my blog xD.

BoF cast

Ahh, the beach looks so nice *___*. I’m not sure, but the other girl seems to be Jan Di’s best friend Ga Eul. Even from here, Kim Bum looks very photogenic ♥♥. Ahh, if only the camera was zoomed in more I want to see HyunJoong too XD. I look forward to watching this episode; the F4 boys with Jan Di will definitely make it very interesting to watch. Ooh, and perhaps more Ee Jung/Ga Eul love ♥♥♥?

BoF cast 2

DO I SEE JAN DI FISHING WITH JI HOO?!?! This reminds me of WGM and the Lettuce Couple :). Gosh, I really need to finish watching their cuts, although since they’re so entertaining and sweet to watch I don’t want to finish it as well lol.

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Kim Bum pic spam :)

He’s really growing on me ^^. He looks really mature and yet he has a such a baby face ♥♥♥. I was thinking of putting the images in thumbnails to save bandwidth, but I just couldn’t resist blowing up his lovely face for all to see ;).

Kim Bum

Kim Bum 2

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Oh gosh -.- I really don’t like how fans seem to really enjoy guys ‘kissing’ guys. If this is all for fan service, then this is one step too far. Take a look at the video and decide for yourself; it happens at around 2:22.

I never thought I’d ever feel this way, but I’m beginning to really dislike this sort of fan service Heechul is giving. Having a close relationship with the other members is great (and something I really like about the boys), but to actually kiss or pretend kiss (have it which ever way you like) is going way beyond their special relationship with each other. As much as I love Super Junior, I’m disgusted by the kiss. Whether it was real or fake doesn’t really matter to me; I just don’t think it was even needed in the first place.

Please Heechul, no more ~_~. I love your personality and all, but this has really got to stop.

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