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I do think I’m beginning to like JJ Lin :). Especially after listening to his newest album, Sixology. The third track has got to be my favourite;  小酒窩 (Small Dimple) feat. Charlene Choi from Twins ^^. I guess I have this thing for male/female collaborations (because Guang Liang and Jiang Mei Qi’s collab song 對你有感覺 Have feelings for you is also one of my favourites ♥♥).

The song is so nice ♥♥♥. I’m not a big fan of Charlene or Twins for that matter, but even that didn’t stop me from admiring how well their voices blended together *___*. Ahhh, it’s such a lovely song. And JJ Lin has a really sweet voice ^^.


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Kim Bum uploaded a few photos of himself preparing for a scene for BoF and enjoying New Caledonia onto his minihompy.

Kim Bum in New Caledonia

Kim Bum in New Caledonia 2

He’s looking good, and he knows it too xD. I can’t believe he’s an ’89er; he looks more mature than any 19 year old I know (or even older, for that matter).

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Kangin is aging :O

I totally fail at keeping up with birthdays. I only knew it’s his birthday today ‘cos I happened to come across sapphirepearls. And well, I don’t really type birthday posts either because I’m really lazy and can’t be bothered digging up the hundreds of shows the current birthday boy has ever taken part in; plus it’s not like he’ll ever know I wished him a Happy Birthday, right? I guess these sort of posts displays a fans’ dedication towards their ‘idol’, which I quite obviously lack.

However, I can’t help but love this icon (idk, what is it called?) made by someone at sapphirepearls.

Kangin's Birthday

This is quite unrelated, but I never knew Hankyung’s last name was ‘Lee’ o_o.

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I don’t normally watch commercials of any idol groups, but I guess I’ve been a bit starved of SJM (or really, SuJu in general) these past few days (errr, no comment about this and this xD. I was excited there was actually something about them out there since their HK concert, ok? ^^;;). Which consequently led me to watching this CF.

I don’t really understand why they’re changing clothes all the time; perhaps it’s got to do with Chinese culture and wearing new clothes on New Years Day..? But OMGSHH WHERE IS RYEOWOOK?? candychu over at imop said she saw him at 0:27, but I don’t think he even appeared o__O. Ooh, and Siwon’s hair…ROFLMAO XDDD especially so at 0:29 ^_^.

Edit: I SAW WOOKIE~~! For less than a split second at 0:28. This is after watching that part of the clip ten times, so O________O. I don’t like whoever editted this ad >=(.

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